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A scent of Provence : Lavender

A cliché of the landscapes of Provence, the fields of lavender load the atmosphere with their flavor and enchant the eye.

This plant is used for perfume, its flavor is naturally strong. But lavender has many other qualities.

Lavender is use in physiotherapy, it can ease anxiety and favor the sleep. It is also use to cure rheumatism.

A bag of Lavender and the smell of Provence is in your home.




We want a taste of provence !

Do you know what a tapenade is?

Five minutes are enough to prepare this authentic Provencal recipe, which will transport you in the south of France.

And that’s very easy to do.

First you need 200g of black olive (without the core)

Second add 5 fillets of anchovy and a couple of capers. Now you just have to mix all toether with a piece of garlic and 3 spoons of olive oil.


Tourism in Provence : the figures

The Regional Comity for Tourism (CRT) has published the revenues generated from tourism in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Paca). For 2011, this is 14 billion Euros that have been spent out of whom 5 billion come from foreign tourists. And the business keeps on growing.

Most of the foreign visitors come from Europe, 15% are Italians, another 15% from the United Kingdom. The Americans count for 6% of the total.


The Bridges of the queen Jeanne in the Haute-Provence

The queen Jeanne is the queen of the hearts for the inhabitants of the Provence. She is considered as a building fairy. Numerous building and infrastructures have been built at her initiative.

In the Haute-Provence, two bridges are named “the bridges of the queen Jeanne” One of them being sadly abandoned.

But the second one is famous.


A place full with legend : the castle of If

Alexandre Dumas made this place world known with its masterpiece, the thrilling novel “The count of Monte-Christo”.

At its origin, this is a fort built between 1527 and 1529 in the roadstead of Marseille by order of the king François I of France.

It served for 400 years as a jail.

The most notable inmates were the marquis de Sade and the count of Mirabeau, but the most famous on is by far the fictional count of Monte-Christo.


The most famous beaches in Provence


It is Saint Tropez’s pride to have the most famous beaches of the French Riviera.

Indeed, who has never heard of the world famous beach of Pampelonne?

Least famous but as stunning are the beach of the Bouillabaisse, and those of the Graniers, of the Cannebiers, of the Moutte and of the Salins.

The beach – or to be rights the beaches – of Pampelonne are actually situated on the territory of the commune of Ramatuelle. It is more than 5 km long from the beach of “Tahiti to Bonne Terrasse.


In Saint Tropez, visit the best museums in Provence


This picturesque village nested between the sky and the sea, with small streets and fishers houses with ochre facades, is an awesome walking place and a pleasure for the eyes. But there are also many renowned museums to visit.

The citadel, a building built in the early 17th century and its remarkable dungeon can be visited every days expect on Tuesdays.

The navy museum is located within the citadel is open all year long except on November.


The history of a typical village in Provence: Saint Tropez


The name Saint Tropez come from a Christian roman centurion named Torpès. According to the legend, he has been beheaded by the emperor Nero. His body was left in a light ship with a chicken and a dog. The animals should have eat the dead body but they preserved it. Later, the ship drifted to the shore of what is now the village of Saint Tropez

The oldest building of Saint Tropez is the citadel. The dungeon has the form of an hexagon and has been built between 1602 and 1607, he was built to defend the village against external invasions.


Saint Tropez: touristic capital of Provence


50 years ago, Saint Tropez was still a small village with ochre houses and its fishermen port.

Nowadays, the town has preserved its authenticity although it has become one of the most famous spot on earth.

Charming Saint Tropez has first attracted painters, who appreciated the colors and the light of this place. Among the numerous artists that have come here are Paul Signac, Albert Marquet, Pierre Bonnard and Albert Derain and later Picasso.



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