Saint Tropez: touristic capital of Provence


50 years ago, Saint Tropez was still a small village with ochre houses and its fishermen port.

Nowadays, the town has preserved its authenticity although it has become one of the most famous spot on earth.

Charming Saint Tropez has first attracted painters, who appreciated the colors and the light of this place. Among the numerous artists that have come here are Paul Signac, Albert Marquet, Pierre Bonnard and Albert Derain and later Picasso.

During the 1950s, these artists have been joined by Parisian intellectual who contributed to increase the notoriety of the village. The most famous of these visitors are Françoise Sagan and Jacques Prevert.

World fame started in the 1960s with the arrival of Brigitte Bardot who settled in a fisher house named La Madrague.

Today, many boat tours sail along this villam making it one of the most famous places of the town.




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