The citadel of Sisteron

Located on the “Route Napoléon” between the Provence and the Dauphiné, Sisteron is a fortified city with a rich history. The town is at at strategic situation between the Alps and the sea. As it is often said. “Here ends a land and starts another one.”

Situated on a 500m high cliff the citadel oversees the Durance river and the little city, its dungeon, its bastion and the surrounding walls.

This fortifications has been built by Jehan Sarrazin during the reign of Henri IV. Later Vauban added a powder magazine. Eventually, the citadel was modified during the ninetieth century.

The citadel was severely damaged when it was hit by a bombardment in 1944 and was consequently restore with great care.

This historical place is now opened to visitors who will have the opportunity not only to discovered magnificent monument but also to enjoy a stunning panorama.




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