The history of a typical village in Provence: Saint Tropez


The name Saint Tropez come from a Christian roman centurion named Torpès. According to the legend, he has been beheaded by the emperor Nero. His body was left in a light ship with a chicken and a dog. The animals should have eat the dead body but they preserved it. Later, the ship drifted to the shore of what is now the village of Saint Tropez

The oldest building of Saint Tropez is the citadel. The dungeon has the form of an hexagon and has been built between 1602 and 1607, he was built to defend the village against external invasions.

The citadel has been bought by the city in 1993 and has been restored, the citadel is now officially registered as an historical heritage. Visitors can discovered this place and the nearby navy museum as well.

At the end of the 15th century, the Château Suffren and the Guillaume tower were built. The Château is named after the famous admiral de Suffren. Actually he was part of the lord of Saint Tropez’s family. The Château has been used as a family house until the 18th century.




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